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Cafés Richard, France

Gennevilliers, France

Aubelec, accompanied by BTIB carried out the BMS design and realization of CAFÉ RICHARD factory extension. Located in Gennevilliers, the 9,900m² of the extension consists of offices, maintenance hangar, production areas and storage premises.


Belonging to Maison Richard founded in 1892, Cafés Richard falls in line with the French tradition of cottage industries. The company owns 11 roasting facilities on the whole national territory.


To carry out this project, the client has chosen the Tridium Niagara system as well as the ACTIVE application from BTIB. Niagara has made it possible to:

  • Take all the equipment on 4 protocols present on the site (LonWorks IP, BACnet IP, Modbus IP and Modbus RS485)
  • Provide an ergonomic and functional operating tool


Cafés Richard:

System Integrator:


iSMA Distributor:



Implemented BMS system based on iSMA products:

I/O MINI Series Modules iSMA-B-4I4O-H-IP
I/O MINI Series Modules iSMA-B-4U4O-H-IP
I/O MIX Series Modules iSMA-B-MIX-18-IP

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