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I/O MINI modules have been designed to complement the MIX series. Depending on the project needs, one of 7 different MINI can be chosen, all inputs and outputs are unified among our products. One feature that makes these two product groups different is hand operating switches, in some applications, it is required. Moreover, all I/O modules have BTL and UL certificates.

Like in the case of the MIX modules with RS485 and IP (1x Ethernet), MINI are factory-equipped with the most popular open communication protocols Modbus (ASCII, RTU, TCP/IP) and BACnet (MSTP, IP), which are selected using DIP switches. Rotary switches are used to set the module address, which facilitates and accelerates the process of commissioning the system. Built-in mini USB allows for the initial configuration of the unit without external power supply.

MINI I/O Modules with Ethernet have built-in Modbus Gateway TCP/IP to Modbus ASCII/RTU, enabling you to connect additional modules/devices that communicate via Modbus RS485.

Thanks to supporting open communication standards MIX modules can be installed in both new and completed installations, as part of existing BMS. This versatile device will fit any BMS perfectly.

Technical data


  • 4x Universal Inputs (4UI)
  • 4x Digital Outputs (4DO)


  • ARM Cortex-M3


  • Interface RS485 half-duplex
  • 1x Fast Ethernet
  • Up to 99 devices on the bus
  • Protocols: Modbus or BACnet
  • Baud rate: 2400 to 115200 bps

Power supply

  • 24 V AC/DC



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