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iSMA Android Application

iSMA Android Application is designed exclusively for our Industrial Panels PC with Android (iSMA-D-PA10C-B1 and iSMA-D-PA15C-B1). It was created to limit the user in what he can do. Android Operating System gives almost endless possibilities, from checking e-mail to watching movies. The application can set boundaries on how and what for Android Panel will be used.
Its basic functions are:
• Creating multiple tiles representing Niagara stations/users
• The application remembers credentials, the user doesn’t have to write them to log in for the next time
• One of the added users/stations can be chosen as Home Station – it will log in to it every time you turn on the panel or app
• The application uses HTTP or HTTPS protocol
• Kiosk Mode – the set of safety options, where the user can choose if iSMA Android Application should be the only app running on the device and what kind of actions an operator can perform (editing, logging in to other station etc.)
• The application is installed as a home app, in that case, it will autostart after restarting the device
• Almost all of the operations can be done remotely thanks to REST API • Easy update via USB flash drive
This application is free of charge to use in our Panels with Android system.

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