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ADP Buisness Building, France

Nanterre, France

The BLP System Integrator, in partnership with B.tib, has provided renovation work on the office building BMS occupied by the American company ADP. With a surface of approximately 13000m², the building is located in Nanterre. It has 8 levels, a restaurant and a sports room. To limit costs, it was proposed to the lessor to keep as much original proprietary equipment as possible. Also, the customer requested to set up a re-compartmentalization tool to easily rearrange the workspaces.

To carry out this project, the client has chosen TRIDIUM Niagara system and BTIB ACTIVE application. Taking advantage of the great flexibility offered by Niagara, the entire installation (even communicating equipment in LonWorks owner) could be retained. This considerably limited the investment of the end customer and will allow him to renovate his facilities later and with unparalleled freedom in the choice of equipment.
The web monitoring system is equipped with real operating tools. Indeed, the operator can monitor all the installations (HVAC, elevators, electricity, plumbing, lighting) and control a lot of equipment.


Used Protocols:

  • Modbus RS485
  • LonWorks IP
  • LonWorks FTT10
  • TAC Xenta (LonWorks propriétaire)


System integrator:
BLP Automation

iSMA Distributor:

Implemented BMS system based on iSMA products:

iSMA-B-MIX Series I/O Modules

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