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Holiday Inn Hotel, France

Marseille, France

The Holiday Inn Express in Marseille is located in the city center and is very popular with guests coming to France's second largest city. The modernization concerned the complete redesign of the GTB in the hotel.

The final result was the commissioning of fully air-conditioned 120 hotel rooms and 30 functional rooms. A new generation BMS system has been installed that offers:

  • Quick visualization on three-dimensional hotel plans, floors, HVAC condition and room temperature,
  • Detailed information for each room in the hotel,
  • Complete management of HVAC equipment (boiler room, glycol aggregates, ventilation units),
  • Alarm consoles for avalanche alarm management,
  • Data historizing,
  • Complete call logs and parameter changes,
  • Graphical web interface that can be viewed on the internet from any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, ...)


System integrator:
Elsys Solutions

iSMA Distributor:

Implemented BMS system based on iSMA products:

Modbus RTU controllers for air conditioning management
Modbus RTU wall mounted room unit for managing the user's temperature setpoint

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