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iSMA Android Application

iSMA Android Application is an app designed for our industrial PC panels, which allows for easy logging and accessing Niagara station or any HTML5 webserver.

The credentials to the Niagara station can be entered just once, and with each log out or restart of the industrial panel PC, the user is automatically logged back in.

The Android operating system gives a lot of possibilities but what if you want your device to be only a user interface to keep track of the temperature in rooms, change some settings of your system? Just turn on the Kiosk Mode available in the application and no other application can be used. You can turn off the Kiosk Mode only if you know the password.

Technical data

Key features

  • Exclusive for iSMA Android panels
  • Support for both Niagara stations and HTML5 webservers
  • The application uses HTTPS protocol for logging in to Niagara station
  • Kiosk Mode–the application has device owner permissions
  • Multistation–the user can add more than one Niagara station and HTML5 webservers
  • Home station–can be chosen only for one station, the chosen station will be automatically logged in after restarting or turning on the Industrial PC Panel with Android
  • PIN protection–the PIN can be added to station credentials, it works exactly as the PIN protection in a smartphone
  • Settings can be exported to a file and then imported to another Android panel with the app
  • Easy application update–just connect a USB flash drive and install updated application
  • Rest API commands for remote management

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