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Controlli S.p.A. and Global Control 5 S.A. merge to build and deliver sustainable and complementary solutions for the BMS industry. June 23, 2021

Controlli S.p.A. ("Controlli"), a leading Italian manufacturer of valves and actuators for residential and commercial HVAC applications, and Global Control 5 S.A. ("GC5"), a Polish fast-growing company that operates in the development, design and manufacturing of advanced solutions in building automation under the "iSMA" brand, have formed a joint group called iSMA CONTROLLI S.p.A. in May 2021.With the joint activities and the integration of the teams and products of both companies under one brand iSMA CONTROLLI creates a new international player in the building automation market - a pioneer in providing state-of-the-art solutions in the BMS world. This enormous potential comes from the merging of such different companies: Italian and Polish, mature and young, involved in mechanical and electronic engineering, with experience in direct sales and distribution. "Integrating the expertise, knowledge, experience and potentials of our companies in the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics and IT and creating an entity on an international scale, operating in the building automation market, is a great joy, but also a challenge that we have taken on together" - says Adam PóĹ‚grabia, Chairman of the Board of Directors, iSMA CONTROLLI.